Fat fears

I binged on Saturday and promised myself I would behave and eat like a normal person on Sunday. But Sunday I came and I binged again. I spent the rest of the day feeling sick like I had a brick stalled in my stomach. And dinner time came and I binged again….

I saw a fat guy talking about binge eating on youtube and my first (and only) thought was “My God, he’s so FAT!! I must be that fat as well!!” and I can’t even explain how terrified I was.

I don’t know how to control this, I’m so tired…
For the time being I’m going for walk, despite being like 40ºC outside, and see how I feel later.


Cookies and bye bye November

Last week of the Vegan MoFo was *drumroll*… Holidays!!

Week 5: Holidays!

Ok, I already made a fruit bread last week, which is the most traditional holiday bake in my country (or at least in my province it is) so this time it was time for cookies!

Golden raisins & sesame seeds cookies
It was a quite tough week for me…

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From hate to love

Vegan MoFo 25th: Vegan Memories
Vegan MoFo 27th: Changed Opinion 

Skippin’ the 26th ’cause i don’t have cookbooks 😓

As for the memory part about my first vegan ‘meal’, and making it intentionally vegan, it was a Christmas bread! I thought it was the perfect chance to try to do something considering animal products (butter and eggs) play an important role in the making of Panettone:

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Vegan MoFo Week 4: Memories & Traditions

Ok, tough one….

It’s a little sad to admit, but we don’t have many traditions in my family when it comes to food. The first thing that comes to my mind is the hot cocoa my dad used to make for mine and my brother’s birthday when we were lil kids (made entirely with bitter-sweet chocolate!) and the more I think about it I don’t even remember what I used to eat when I was little…. I remember hating veggies. I loathed them! I don’t even know why…

I remember particularly hating tomatoes, carrots and squashes despite never having tasted them. I don’t think I ate a salad (other than potato salad) ’till I was at least 15 years old.

Anyways, one of my favorite dishes that my dad used to make (or was it my grandma?) on the weekends was Shepherd’s Pie*.

I wanted to make a reconstruction but using lentils in place of meat with pumpkin and potatoes for the upper layer:


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Proud pizza mama

Rainbow week hasn’t end yet!



Doesn’t look so colorful right? It is in theory, just bad light! This is from Monday: sautéed zucchini, white bean patty , rice with parsley and basil and tomato with yellow bell pepper.

Hummus & mushroom pizza. Yummers!

And Oh yes, the one thing that made my week! One of the prompts was ‘color you rarely eat’ and although I eat a wide array of colors in general,  i rarely eat browns/yellows. I just happened to have yesterday some chickpeas and mushrooms sitting in the fridge and a rye pizza crust so i thought ‘well, why the hell not?’.

It turned out to be just glorious!! 😀

Caramel pudding

And to finish the meal some caramel pudding with shredded coconut and strawberries.

How about you? Ever had hummus on pizza?