Read or die

  • I found my dream career: Alfajor taster!. My cousin from Salta brought a box when she came visiting last week and even though i love jam filled alfajores, the ones she got were… disgusting. I couldn’t taste anything but sugar.
  • I’m reading:
    • The caves of steel (Asimov) which, for some reason, comes after The naked Sun in mycollection,even though it clearly should first?
    • The three body problem (Liu Cixin): leaves me on an urgent need of more Chinese sci-fi and also a deeper knowledge of universal history (lol)
    • I started Mort (Terry Pratchett) but then forgot it open in my dad’s PC and he picked it up 😞.. He said i should finish it and that he really liked it so, yeah, i might heh…
  • An interesting read on ED’s by Gena at The full helping

I could use some alfajores right now…


Vegan yogurt for sad gut

Brother left on Thursday and I wish he hadn’t.
Classes are supposed to resume this week but the national teachers’ union called for a strike this week and I have yet to submit my documentation on Monday so idek, the building’s probably gonna be empty so I don’t know if i should even bother…
Seriously, this has been going on for years and it’s gonna keep up for many more years and it’s insufferable.
Guess who else are on strike? Football players! Are you fucking kidding me? Dear ball-kickers, yours is not even a real profession, it’s entertainment. Go get a school degree and do something useful, would you…

I went out (yay! just once this week but still yay) yesterday and could weigh myself: I’m still on 39 kg which is good, but also bad, but I don’t care. It’s good. Yeah. Maybe.
Remember I said I helped my bro make some yogurt the other day? He left some here he was supposed to use for a new batch but since he left I used it to make myself some soy milk yogurt! It turned out fantastic!
yo-gur-tu-gurDid you get a chance to see the Solar eclipse? It wasn’t fully visible where I live but we got to see the sun covered at, at least, 25% or so?
Looks ike a little pacman hehe.. Sorry we’re poor people and have no access to special equipment this is the best I could manage ;v;

Fat fears

I binged on Saturday and promised myself I would behave and eat like a normal person on Sunday. But Sunday I came and I binged again. I spent the rest of the day feeling sick like I had a brick stalled in my stomach. And dinner time came and I binged again….

I saw a fat guy talking about binge eating on youtube and my first (and only) thought was “My God, he’s so FAT!! I must be that fat as well!!” and I can’t even explain how terrified I was.

I don’t know how to control this, I’m so tired…
For the time being I’m going for walk, despite being like 40ºC outside, and see how I feel later.

From hate to love

Vegan MoFo 25th: Vegan Memories
Vegan MoFo 27th: Changed Opinion 

Skippin’ the 26th ’cause i don’t have cookbooks 😓

As for the memory part about my first vegan ‘meal’, and making it intentionally vegan, it was a Christmas bread! I thought it was the perfect chance to try to do something considering animal products (butter and eggs) play an important role in the making of Panettone:

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