Read or die

  • I found my dream career: Alfajor taster!. My cousin from Salta brought a box when she came visiting last week and even though i love jam filled alfajores, the ones she got were… disgusting. I couldn’t taste anything but sugar.
  • I’m reading:
    • The caves of steel (Asimov) which, for some reason, comes after The naked Sun in mycollection,even though it clearly should first?
    • The three body problem (Liu Cixin): leaves me on an urgent need of more Chinese sci-fi and also a deeper knowledge of universal history (lol)
    • I started Mort (Terry Pratchett) but then forgot it open in my dad’s PC and he picked it up 😞.. He said i should finish it and that he really liked it so, yeah, i might heh…
  • An interesting read on ED’s by Gena at The full helping

I could use some alfajores right now…