It is here!

Happy Vegan MoFo!!

Are you participating? You can find me more often at IG than here, but i’ll try to make a weekly post with what I post over there.

This year’s gonna be particularly hard to follow since i’m on a meal plan to gain weight (ugh) and it’s not precisely vegan friendly, or even vegetarian, which is also making it super hard to follow the plan!.
Still, i’ve been trying to have one completely vegan meal a day at least! (I’m vegetarian not vegan, but i am trying hey!)

They don’t look very appetizing, i know, i know… But flavour is what matters!

By the way, anybody watching the Bake Off?



Rainy day oreo monsters

So, resuming school, new school building, new bike, still feeling terrible in my skin, cute classmate seemed like she wanted to make friends with me, unintentionally might have pushed her away, might have missed my chance. That probably sums it all up.

What have you been up to? I haven’t been cooking much and when i do cook, it’s not pretty enough for a photo heh… I’m back on instagram btw!

With college and stuff, staying vegan has been horrendous 😞 … If you have any tips for quick meals and snacks i’m more than happy to hear them!!

diet killer

The scale wasn’t so nice to me today. It was pointing at 38 Kg and seeing i attempted to go up or probably down, i stepped off. I’m still feeling so conflicted about my weight, no matter it it goes up or down or remains the same, it always upsets me!

Plus I know I ate a lot the past few days. I have a persistent stomach ache since two days ago and doesn’t seem to want to go away.

I still  have to go to submit my application to Uni today. I’m feeling tired just by thinking about it to be honest… I don’t want to go out. I must, tho’…

But cookies have the power to make anything better 😉

weird cookies

obliged by rain

I haven’t been in the mood for cooking anything in months. Not even baking.
But even without feeling like baking sometimes you still gotta. When you have no bread in the house and it’s pouring down outside, for example.


Recipe’s from TheVegan8 but using AP flour + rye flour. I think i either didn’t cook it enough or I simply made disgusting by adding lemon zest (the lemon zest didn’t taste disgusting tho’ so who knows?). It just simply wasn’t… alright. In the end my dog ate it. She didn’t have any objections 👍.

At least it was edible, right?

Read or die

  • I found my dream career: Alfajor taster!. My cousin from Salta brought a box when she came visiting last week and even though i love jam filled alfajores, the ones she got were… disgusting. I couldn’t taste anything but sugar.
  • I’m reading:
    • The caves of steel (Asimov) which, for some reason, comes after The naked Sun in mycollection,even though it clearly should first?
    • The three body problem (Liu Cixin): leaves me on an urgent need of more Chinese sci-fi and also a deeper knowledge of universal history (lol)
    • I started Mort (Terry Pratchett) but then forgot it open in my dad’s PC and he picked it up 😞.. He said i should finish it and that he really liked it so, yeah, i might heh…
  • An interesting read on ED’s by Gena at The full helping

I could use some alfajores right now…